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Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

In this twelve-hour workshop, employees learn how to get along with anyone at work. Yes, anyone. Even You-Know-Who in Accounting.


Not sure if you or your organization would benefit from this workshop? Take our free Conflict Effectiveness Assessment and we'll give you an honest opinion based on your results! 


What will employees learn? 

  • What conflict is and how it can escalate.
  • The types of conflict and the stages of conflict.
  • The five most common conflict resolution styles and when to use them.
  • How to increase positive information flow through non-verbal and verbal communication skills.
  • Effective techniques for intervention strategies.
  • Ways to manage conflicts to enhance productivity and performance 

What topics are covered? 

  • Defining types of conflict
  • ​Spontaneous/reflective action
  • ​The Johari window
  • ​Stages of conflict
  • ​Conflict resolution styles questionnaire
  • ​Communication in conflict resolution (active listening, paraphrasing, asking questions, and body language)
  • ​The conflict/opportunity test
  • Conflict and its resolution
  • ​Helping others through conflict

What's included? 

  • Instruction by a learner-centric facilitator
  •  Small, highly interactive sessions 
  •  Specialized manual/binder and course materials, including a REAL Custom Training pen, job aids, and on-the-job exercises 
  •  A personalized action plan for post-workshop implementation 
  •  Personalized certificate of completion
  •  COFFEE :) 

Instructor Bio

About Andrew V. Morrison, MSOM 

In support and leadership positions in radio, television production, secondary education, higher education and corporate training, Andrew Morrison has earned a reputation as a skilled communicator who can "work with anyone." 

Born and raised in Connecticut's Quiet Corner, Andrew earned a bachelor's degree from UCONN and a master's degree in Organizational Management from Eastern CT State University. 

He founded REAL Custom Training in 2021 to help other professionals develop skills that result in better days at work.

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